Insurance Claims Process


The severity of many storms often produce large hail, high winds and damage to your roof, siding or gutters.  Many times, damage is not visible from the ground or mistaken by the homeowner as wear and tear.  However, these high winds and hail create bruising marks that impact the integrity of your roof system.  The insurance companies understand the importance of this damage.  They will send out an adjuster to assess the damages and pay to replace if needed.

*  Contact us at (678) 952-6328 for a free inspection


*  If the inspection determines that you have storm damage we will contact your insurance company on your behalf and begin the claims process 


*  The insurance company will assign an adjuster to inspect your roof.  The adjuster will contact you to schedule an appointment.  Call us at that time and arrange for our claims specialist to meet with the adjuster on site to ensure your maximum claim benefits.


*  During inspection, the adjuster will determine the severity of the damage.  The insurance company will generate an estimate for repairs using estimating software with industry average pricing.  We will then complete the work the prices provided in the claim.


*  We will then schedule for installation while working with your insurance company to complete the repairs.